Three daughters of Mr. Kim came up with the idea of Sushi Pier from their family’s experience with other Reno restaurants. In the early 1990s their family served authentic Japanese-style sushi at the “Sushi Bar” restaurant, which was located on Center Street across from the Cal-Neva Casino, and also offered sushi a few blocks down on West Second Street at the “Bamboo Garden,” which was a Korean BBQ restaurant.

The first Sushi Pier opened at 1290 E. Plumb Lane in Reno in the spring of 2000. It was once described by a restaurant critic as being slightly bigger than a “hole in the wall place,” yet smaller than her living room. In Sushi Pier’s case, it was definitely true.

Even though it was one of the smallest sushi restaurants in town, they managed to pack people in and business was booming by the fourth month. The Sushi Pier family will continue to provide the same great service and sushi for our loyal patrons for years to come.

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